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47: Beats One For Your Eyes

The three amigos are back at full strength and Will is angrier than ever.

46: We’re Not Worse

We’re Missing William Simmons this week (don’t worry, he told us to tell everyone that he’s fine and he’ll be back next week, trust us!) but still managed to cobble together a juicy episode:

45: Bags That You Wear On Your Back

Took a week off and a little longer to edit and post, but we’re back! We blame bear since he forgot to record his track (and can’t defend himself). On this week’s episode:

44: Skill Break

3 weeks in a row. Must be the new show notes editor. On this week’s show, we discuss Apple’s stealth spring 2017 update.

  • Apple Store Update
    • Product(RED) iPhone 7/7 Plus
    • “iPad” starts at $329 for 32 GB
      • A9, brighter Retina display, slightly thicker and heavier than outgoing Air 2.
      • The Curious State of Apple Product Pricing []
      • The eMac
      • Not discussed, but along the lines of the new iPad being geared for education, Logitech announces a line of education-focused protective cases for the new iPad [9to5mac]
    • iPad mini 4 now only available in 128 GB, still at $399
    • iPhone SE now in 32 GB and 128 GB, no other changes
    • New Apple Watch bands
      • New colors, redesigned classic buckle, Nike watch bands available standalone
    • Clips
  • Calendar woes
  • Gruber’s thoughts “about that purported 10.5-inch iPad” [Daring Fireball]
  • Tim Cook travels with only an iPad Pro and an iPhone [Independent]
  • 1188 days (and counting) since last Mac Pro update [MacRumors Buyer’s Guide]
  • Apple Stock at all-time high [Yahoo Finance]
  • Behold the G4 Cube, Apple’s most epic computer ever [Macworld]
  • Discord – Slack/Skype/TeamSpeak for gamers. It’s good!

43: Blinking Morse Code

We’re not missing (unlike Richard Simmons)! 2 weeks in a row. On this week’s episode:

  • Follow-up
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
      • “a masterclass in open-world design and a watershed game that reinvents a 30-year-old franchise.” [IGN]
      • “open-world perfection.” [Kotaku]
      • This articulates Mike’s thoughts a little better [Forbes]
  • Missing Richard Simmons
    • Mike is an idiot and called it “Finding Richard Simmons” a few times. It’s “Missing Richard Simmons.” But he’s right about Zelda. Best game of all time.
    • Missing Richard Simmons, The Morally Suspect Podcast [NYTimes]
    • Richard Simmons’s Disappearing Act Inspires a Hit Podcast [NYTimes]
    • Richard Simmons on TODAY Show. He’s fine. Trust him.  [today]
    • Missing Richard Simmons Is a Brilliant Podcast – So Far [vulture]
  • S-Town – The new podcast from the ‘Serial’ team
  • 1-2  Switch